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The Facts:

Approximately 6-10% of American youth are gifted. Gifted students can differ from other students in their depth of understanding, learning style, comprehension, and educational potential. Unfortunately, many gifted children are not receiving instruction by a teacher that has been trained in providing education to students who possess these advanced abilities. As a result, students are often asked to skip a grade, which may impact their social and emotional development, or take college-level classes once they’re in high school. Luckily, many public and private schools in the Hillsborough and Pinellas areas have implemented Gifted and Talented Programs.  It is up to parents to take the initiative to get their child tested so they can be placed in an appropriate classroom setting for their aptitude.

Why Choose Integrated Care Clinic for Gifted Testing?

Our assessment team is comprised of Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Postdoctoral Fellows that specialize in Educational Psychology – a specialization that encompasses a child’s learning within their social and emotional wellness. Licensed Psychologists and School Psychologists are the only types of clinicians that can provide testing and assessment. They are specifically trained to administer, score, and interpret psychological, cognitive, and achievement test results. We will work with you and your child to ensure they receive adequate attention, encouragement, and feel relaxed and confident on the day of their assessment – to ensure the best representation of their true ability levels.

Our clinic also prides itself on being efficient and quick with reports. Our policy is to have your child’s report to you within 2 business days of the assessment. We know you and your family want to have the answers you seek in a timely manner – so we are here to provide high quality gifted testing to ensure your child receives the services they are qualified for.


What Makes Us Different

We provide a warm, nurturing, and calming environment in which students can produce their best work.  When conducting a gifted assessment, it is important for your child to be highly motivated and engaged in the assessment. We are mindful to have breaks throughout the assessment to allow for students to have fun and feel comfortable with the clinician who is conducting the assessment.  We can also provide in-person feedback as part of our assessment process, and follow-up with your child’s school if necessary.

Questions About the Process:

What are the requirements for placement into a gifted and talented program?

  1. Your child must obtain a score of 130 or higher on a state-approved intelligence test (IQ) such as the WISC-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®-Fifth Edition) or the RIAS (Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales). Children with scores of 126 or higher may also be accepted under exceptional circumstances.
  2. Your child must show traits commonly associated with giftedness. These traits must be endorsed by their teacher(s) when they fill out the ESE Gifted Characteristics Checklist, which identifies traits such as academic achievement, curiosity, and leadership skills.
  3. Your child must also obtain high grades in school and/or on standardized tests.

How is gifted curriculum compared to a regular academic program?

A gifted and talented program covers the same educational material – however often at a faster pace. This is in part due to the rate at which gifted children learn, comprehend, and integrate information. As a result, teachers in a gifted program can cover more material at a faster pace.  It is important for your child to be in the most appropriate placement for their intellect and ability.  Gifted and Talented programs can vary from district to district and even school to school. Some may be full-time and some part-time.  Some schools even offer gifted centers. As their parent, you may have a choice as to which program would be best for your child.  Each student who is eligible for gifted services is eligible for an Education Plan (EP) under the Exceptional Student Education umbrella.

When is the best time to complete the Gifted Assessment?

Morning appointments will result in the best outcomes for your child as they are most alert and prepared for learngin. Be sure your child has adequate sleep and nutrition the night before and morning of the appointment.  It is okay for your child to return to school following the assessment.

We recommend that your child be as close to 5-years-old as possible. Students in Kindergarten through high school can be tested at any time. We will assist you in understanding when the most appropriate time to test your child will be.

How long does gifted testing take?

The gifted evaluation will take between 1-2 hours depending on your child’s working style.  If your child requires more breaks, the assessment may take longer. It is our goal to provide the most supportive environment so your child’s true abilities shine through. Rushing through the assessment may result in a lower result as your child may become anxious or worries.  We make every effort for your child to feel comfortable and relaxed with the process

What do I tell my child about why he or she is taking this test?

Children are often pressured with high-stakes testing and may become anxious if they feel the results will negatively impact them. Additionally, children are like sponges – so if you’re anxious about their performance, they will be as well.

Explain to your child that they will be meeting with Dr. Mann and will be playing games, completing puzzles, and having fun. That you are excited about going and that the only important thing is to try your hardest.  You can also say that the reason they are going to meet with Dr. Mann is to see who will be the best teacher to help them learn at school the following year. There is no need to ‘prep’ your child, you can inform them of it a day or two before the assessment.
My child is anxious or shy around new people, can I be in the room with them during the testing?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot be in the same room while the testing is being conducted. You will be able to wait in the waiting room. Your child will be able to concentrate and focus better without you there. It is important that testing represent a fair representation of what the environment looks like at school. Lastly, the content of what is included on IQ tests is confidential and it is my job to protect testing materials and keep them confidential. It would be unethical for me to allow a parent to be in the same room while the child is being evaluated.

How quickly can I expect to get the results?
Your results will be available within 2-business days after the evaluation. You may pick them up at the office or we will mail two copies directly to your home address. If you would like, we can schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and ways to best support their education; as well as review the recommendations together.

What if my child does not meet the criteria for gifted placement?
Your child can be very smart and not test in the gifted range.  This is okay, as many factors contribute to academic, social, occupational, and educational success.  The role of this type of testing is to better understand how your child learns and how to adequately support their educational growth. Use the information gleaned from the assessment to better support your child and their individual learning. Supplemental activities may be recommended as a way to continue challenging their intellect and growth.

What is the cost for a gifted evaluation?
For children under 6 years old, the cost is $400 for the evaluation including the consultation session. For children 6 years and older, the evaluation is $500. This is because testing at older ages takes longer and is more in depth.

The evaluation cost covers the following:

  • Initial Interview (15-20 minutes)
  • Testing Session (60-120 minutes, with breaks)
  • Scoring and Interpretation
  • Report Writing
  • 30 minute follow-up/feedback session within 2-business days.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?
Please understand that we block off approximately two to three hours for your child’s gifted testing in order to give your child all the attention needed, including time to feel comfortable prior to testing and time for a bathroom or snack break. For this reason, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us within 48 hours of your appointment.

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