teen academic difficulties

Common Academic Difficulties in Teens:

  • Change in grades or a sudden drop in grades
  • Difficulty completing homework
  • Lack of organization
  • Bullying
  • Test anxiety
  • Feeling overwhelmed by school tasks
  • Procrastination
  • Not wanting to go to school at all!
  • Fear of failure

Sometimes these issues are simply typical school struggles.  Sometimes the jump from middle school to high school can really throw kids for a loop.

Other times, academic difficulties can be indicative of something else, like anxiety or depression.  Your teen may need extra support if their struggles are really starting to impact their academic achievement, whether it is their grades

or their relationship with their peers.  If you find that you are regularly having to intervene at school for your child, give us a call for a brief, free consultation and we can see if we can be of service!

Psychological Testing: What is it?

We also provide intellectual and academic testing.  If you think your child might be gifted or might have a specific learning disability (i.e. your kids rocks at reading, but can’t seem to grasp math), testing can reveal your teen’s strengths and weakness, allowing us to provide recommendations to parents and to the school that will help your teen best meet their academic potential.

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