teen anxiety therapy

What Anxiety Looks Like in Teens:

– Excessive anxiety or worry: Worry occurs most often than not over a 6 month period

  • Excessive means not being able to control or stop from worrying

– Feeling “edgy” or restless
– Fatigue
– Trouble concentrating
– Feeling irritable
– Muscle tension
– Difficulty sleeping: Either having a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early.
– Struggling to focus on or complete everyday activities because the anxiety or worries get in the way.
– Increased physical complaints, like aches, pains, increase heart rate, etc.

“Good” Anxiety versus “Bad” Anxiety:

Anxiety is an emotion we all share.  “Good” anxiety comes from a protective place within our brains.  When we perceive a threat, our brains instinctively kick anxiety into gear to keep us safe.  This is what is often called our “fight or flight” response.  “Bad” anxiety is what happens when our brain no longer distinguishes between a typical daily stress versus a life-threatening situation.  Instead of protecting us, this kind of anxiety is destructive on our brains and bodies, and can make it incredibly difficult to function.

How Can I Tell Which is Which in My Teen?

Your teen is bound to have anxiety every now again.  The playoff game, that big final, the homecoming dance are all events that can provoke some anxiety in even the calmest of teens.  However, if your teen seems constantly anxious, is struggling to complete everyday tasks, and has a hard time controlling the anxiety, it might be time to seek help.

The Good News…..

If you feel as though your teen is struggling with anxiety, therapy can help teach your teen how to get in control of the anxiety, and “turn it off,” so they can get back to enjoying their adolescence.  We do this by teaching your teen skills and strategies for noticing when anxiety is present, how it impacts the body and the mind, and how to reduce it. Call and make an appointment today, and we can talk about how we can help your teen feel better.

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