teen drugs and alcohol use

Let’s Talk Numbers:

12: The average age kids report drinking alcohol for the first time.

25: The percentage of kids ages 10-14 who know someone who used inhalants to get high.

7: The number of times a kid is more likely to use drugs regularly if they experimented with

drugs before age 15.

(Stats from the American Medical Association & American Academy of Pediatrics)

Why So Young?

Well, unfortunately drugs are much easier to get a hold of, especially when you think about inhalants and pills.  Also, kids these days have greater access to information about more common everyday drugs, that – when used incorrectly – can get you high.  Thanks for that,  internet.

What are Some Risk Factors?

Simply being an adolescent is a risk factor. Why? One reason is increased access to drugs and alcohol when kids get older.  Another is the shift teens go through, in which the opinions and acceptance of peers tend to be more important than the opinions and acceptance of parents.  Simply put, teens struggle with peer pressure.

Other risk factors include early exposure to drugs and alcohol, limited supervision, low parental involvement, and abuse, particularly sexual abuse.

How Can We Help?

Therapy has proven effective in helping to reduce drug and alcohol use.  We can help your teen learn effective ways to overcome peer pressure, as well as potential cravings.  If you are concerned about your teen, please call our appointment line for a brief, free consultation to see how we may be of service to you and your child.

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