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Pre-teen and teen years are a key time in which identity development occur.  What do I mean by identity development? Well, there are lots of theories about what this means and how it occurs.  In a nutshell, identity development is the type of person your teen will become, their sense of self.  This is the age in which your child is beginning to explore their values, beliefs, and relationships, and how their choices might impact their future lives.

This can be a tricky time for adolescents. They are balancing the rules of this parents, the acceptance of their peers, and their own wishes.

How Can We Help?

Some teens go through this process relatively unscathed.  Some need extra support and guidance.  If you feel like your teen might be struggling, please call us for a free consultation to see if therapy might be a good option.

You may have read that list and thought, “you just described every teenager that exists.” Yes, it typical for teens to experience most of these symptoms every

once in awhile. So what is the difference between typical teen moodiness versus true depression?  Your teen may be suffering from depression if they are experiencing a combination of these issues, fairly constantly, over a period of time.

Depression Myths Dispelled:

People often think something bad or sad has to happen to a teen in order for them to be depressed.  Not so.  While we do not know the direct cause of depression, there are a number of factors that could contribute to depression, such as stress, genetics, environment, family history, and biochemical unbalance.  So, a teen can be depressed even if everything in their life seems fine.

What Can We Do?

While we don’t know exactly what causes depression, we do know that therapy can help!  We can work with you and your teen to learn strategies for managing depression and getting your teen to feel more like themselves again!  If you feel as though your teen may be struggling with depression, please call our appointment line and schedule an appointment now.

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