obsessive compulsive disorder

What OCD Looks Like in Teens:

  • Obsessions – persistent, unwanted, and uncontrollable –  such as:
    • Intrusive thoughts
    • Fear of contamination
    • Things needing to be orderly, symmetrical, perfect
  • Compulsions – repetitive behaviors that you feel you must do –  such as:
    • Excessive routines
    • Checking or counting
    • Following an extremely strict routine

How Can I Tell What is OCD?

OCD goes beyond being a perfectionist.  Someone with OCD is not able to control their obsessions or compulsions.  Often the compulsions or obsessions do not address the problem in a realistic way.

 Some examples:

  • A perfectionist likes their homework to be neat.  Someone with OCD will take 4 hours to complete homework in order to get every letter, every margin perfect.
  • A perfectionists might work to get straight A’s. Someone with OCD might be incredibly bothered if they attained a A minus.
  • Someone with OCD may have thoughts that if they don’t repeat a certain phrase in their head, that evil might come to those close to him or her.

How Can We Help?

Therapy can help by giving your teen a way to fight against the thoughts and compulsions.  Therapy will help them learn that they don’t have to follow through with their routine.  We can work with your child to help restore their quality of life.  If you feel as though your teen is struggling with OCD, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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