trauma and ptsd

Trauma in teens can be a number of things.  Trauma can be medical trauma, such as undergoing numerous medical procedures.  Trauma can be surviving a car crash.  Trauma can be experiencing neglect, bullying, and abuse.  Trauma occurs to about 40% of children in the United States.  That’s a lot.  And chances are, the percentage is even higher.

Often times, teens do not talk about their trauma, out of shame or fear.  So, how do you know your child experienced a trauma and is struggling to deal with it?

How Can We Help?

We can provide therapy that has been found to be highly effective for teens that have experienced a trauma.  It is called Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or TF-CBT for short.  At its most basic, TF-CBT can help your teen transition from a victim to a survivor.  We will help your teen learn skills to manage their symptoms and find joy again.  We will also help you, as the parent, learn how to cope with the knowledge that your teen has experienced a trauma and how to best support yourself and your teen.

Below is a list of symptoms that can arise in someone struggling with a trauma:

  • Feeling “jumpy” or on edge
  • Being hypervigilant: always on the lookout for danger
  • Frequent Nightmares
  • Flashbacks: This is when memories of the trauma “flash” before your eyes, and they are beyond your control.
  • Re-experiencing the event: having the fear and emotions take over, as if you were back in the situation.
  • Feeling numb
  • Avoiding situations, places, or people that remind you of the trauma. Disengaging from others.  Not having interest in typical activities.
  • Increased irritability and anger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping

If your teen has said something about experiencing a trauma, the best thing you can do is to take them seriously.  Please call and schedule an appointment today.

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