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What is Integrated Care Clinic?

Integrated Care Clinic provides Mental Health and Personal Growth counseling to clients of all ages in St. Pete, Florida. Click below to see some of our specialties here at ICC. If you feel that you may be struggling with something, please schedule an appointment now.
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I want to learn effective coping tools.
I want to have better control of my emotions.
I want to know what true happiness feels like.
I want to have healthier relationships.
I want to feel better in my body.
I want to find balance between my personal & professional life.

Mental Health Specialties

We provide specialized professional and effective treatments to clients with mild to severe mental health issues.

Eating Disorders
I struggle with my relationship with food.

Disorder Recovery

Trauma & Loss
I struggle with things from my past.

Safety + Support

I struggle with feeling hopeless & alone.

Happiness + Connection

I struggle with feeling overwhelmed.

Calmness + Security

I want to start eat normally.

Food + Education

Personal Growth Specialties

We provide balanced, constructive and supportive feedback to assist clients in becoming the best version of themselves.

Body Image
I want to feel good about my body.

Positive Body Image

Identity Development
I want confidence & security in who I am.

Improved Sense of Self

Healthy Relationships
I want fulfillment in my relationships.

Joy + Communication

Work-Life Balance
I want to prioritize myself & my career.

Free Time + Less Stress

I am ready to eat differently.

Intuitive Eating

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Integrated Care Clinic does not accept insurance and is considered an ‘out-of-network’ provider. We can provide you with a receipt of services to provide to your insurance company. We accept, cash, check, or credit cards.  Read More 

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