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Personal Growth

Begin your path to a better you by investing in yourself and relationships.
Invest in Yourself



Place your well-being as your top priority.

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Work towards a healthy relationship.

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Connect to others with shared experiences.

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Help your teen with confidence and coping.

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Learn to nourish your body effectively.

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Mental Health Specialties

We provide specialized professional and effective treatments to clients with mild to severe mental health issues.

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Eating Disorders
I struggle with my relationship with food.

Disorder Recovery

Trauma & Loss
I struggle with things from my past.

Safety + Support

I struggle with feeling hopeless & alone.

Happiness + Connection

I struggle with feeling overwhelmed.

Calmness + Security

I want to start eat normally.

Food + Education

Personal Growth Specialties

We provide balanced, constructive and supportive feedback to assist clients in becoming the best version of themselves.

Body Image
I want to feel good about my body.

Positive Body Image

Identity Development
I want confidence & security in who I am.

Improved Sense of Self

Healthy Relationships
I want fulfillment in my relationships.

Joy + Communication

Work-Life Balance
I want to prioritize myself & my career.

Free Time + Less Stress

I am ready to eat differently.

Intuitive Eating

RO-DBT Class

RO-DBT is an evidence-based treatment that consists of weekly individual therapy sessions combined with a weekly skills training class, facilitated by RO-DBT trained therapists.

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