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Child Therapy

Disciplining Kids – A Psychologist’s Perspective

What Does the Latest Research Say About Disciplining Kids? If you are a parent, you know that kids don’t come with a handbook. And while there are books out there…
Learning to Eat Intuitively
Dr. Samantha Winton

Learning to Eat Intuitively – A Step By Step Guide (Steps 1-5)

End the cycle of yo-yo dieting and stress eating and make peace with food. Learning to Eat Intuitively Intuitive Eating incorporates cognitive flexibility, emotional and physical cues, and body awareness…
Dr. Beatriz Mann

My Teen is Too Emotional! How DBT Can Help?

Some teens are predisposed to be more emotional. As parents, we can feel stuck in the middle of a constant storm, never knowing what or who might trigger an intense…