New Moms Support Group

A free support group for pregnant and new moms.

New Mom Support Group

Being a new mom can feel overwhelming, isolating, and even lonely at times but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are a mom-to-be or a new mom in the thick of raising a tiny human, transitioning into parenthood is HARD. Between changes in your relationships, the mental load you are now carrying, and the new responsibilities that seem endless, it can be hard to find others that get it.

This group will be a judgment-free zone where you can come as you are to feel connected and supported – that may look like having day-old spit up on your shirt, your hair a mess or your little one snuggled in your arms… ALL are welcome here.

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How It Works

New Mom Support Group is a space for new moms to come together to cultivate a sense of community in raising their little one.

1. Connection

Find support with fellow moms that get it

2. Support

Know that you’re not alone

3. Understanding

Feel heard and seen when you come

New Mom Support Group is a free virtual support group led by Licensed Psychologist and Maternal Mental Health Specialist, Dr. Kirsten Vadelund.

Remember to put your oxygen mask on first.

New Mom Support Group Details

This New Mom Support Group is open to adults 18+ located in Florida.


First Friday of every month



Expecting moms and moms in their first year postpartum



How Much Does It Cost?

Our New Mom Support Group is completely FREE

Who will be facilitating the New Mom Support Group?

Dr. Kirsten Vadelund is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in maternal mental health. She is passionate about supporting new moms who struggle with anxiety, adjusting to new normals, increased mental load, baby blues, coping with loss or change, loneliness, attachment, body image changes, sleep issues, mom guilt, postpartum depression, anxiety or OCD.

Dr. Vadelund is a mom herself and looks forward to supporting new moms on their journey to becoming a parent and navigating this identity shift into motherhood.

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