Brenna Denhardt

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Breanna Denhardt

Hey! I’m Brenna Denhardt! I’m a clinical dietitian nutritionist, and I specialize in helping clients develop a better relationship with food through nutritional education, meal planning, and health management. I assist clients in increasing flexibility with food choices, decreasing negative emotions related to foods, and empowering my clients to make choices about the foods that are consistent with their mental and physical needs.  I work from an All-Foods-Fit perspective in addition to being a Health at Every Size (HAES) advocate. I will work with your physician or therapist to provide comprehensive treatment to help you live your best life.

Children & Adolescents with Eating Disorders
As a clinical dietitian at Integrated Care Clinic as well as Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, I have a unique perspective and training with mild to acute eating disorders in children and teens. I provide family centered nutrition counseling and education, assess nutritional status and weight ranges, as well as collaborate with your child’s treatment team members to ensure they are getting the nutritional support they need to be successful in their recovery.

Adults with Eating Disorders
In addition to my work with children and teens, I also treat a wide variety of nutritional concerns with adults with eating disorders. Eating disorders can be a challenging illness to overcome without properly trained treatment team members – that is why we specialize in treating eating disorders here at Integrated Care Clinic. Whether this is your first time meeting with a dietitian or you’re wanting to recommit to your recovery – we can work together to help you feel safe with food.

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Gastrointestinal issues are common and finding accurate information can sometimes be challenging. I will help you navigate your GI issues and help your system re-adjust back to a normal rhythm. We will utilize nutrition and food science to help alleviate anything from reflux or GERD, to helping manage your Crohn’s Disease or IBS.

Hey! I’m Dr. Brenna Denhardt! When it comes to personal growth, I focus on adjusting commonly held beliefs about foods and providing factual and relevant information to my clients. Often, clients seek out a dietitian to work on weight loss, however there is more to health than the number on the scale. I provide accurate education to my clients to shift their beliefs about food, calories, and nutrition. Being healthy is more than calories in and out – it is learning to enjoy food, exercise, and a balanced approach to life.

All Foods Fit
I work from an All-Foods-Fit framework. This philosophy provides a foundation that all foods are “good” and that moderation is the key to developing a healthy relationship with food. When we label foods as “good” and “bad” we inherently create a hierarchy that can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and even emotional eating. Re-defining our relationship with food can take time and effort. We are up against years of mis-information and pressure from society, however if you are interested in developing a healthier relationship with food – now is your time!

Health at Every Size celebrates body diversity and respect for differences in body size and shape, age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, sexuality, religion and class. It encompasses aspects of critical awareness and challenges scientific and cultural assumptions in an effort to see people for who they are and not what they look like. Being a HAES practitioner also incorporates a balanced approach to self-care through mental wellness, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and movement by increasing flexibility in thinking, behavior, and values. Together we can strive for total wellness as a pathway to happiness instead of weight loss.

Diets simply don’t work. An abundance of research indicates that dieting can lead to higher weight, increases in guilt and shame, restricting and other unhealthy behaviors, negative body image, and eating disorders. Instead of diets, I work with my clients to redefine their relationship with food and their body: to see food as fuel. Learning how to fuel your body in a way that supports your activity and goals places less emphasis on the numbers and more emphasis on the quality of life factors. This can be a difficult concept to swallow for some, however if you have been a chronic-dieter then let me help guide you along a new path.

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