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Hey! I’m Dr. Beatriz Mann!  I’m a licensed psychologist, but I’m also a healthy coping coachcollege adjustment specialist, and an anxiety expert. I specialize in teaching teens and young adults to stop self-destructive behaviors that keep them stuck and instead develop and implement a solid plan to feel safe and successful with whatever life throws at them.

Healthy Coping
I help teens and young adults with unhealthy coping skills such as self-harm, avoidance, disordered eating, depression, or high-risk behavior learn and effectively utilize adaptive and prosocial coping skills.  As a postdoctoral fellow trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), I help youth and young adults find effective ways to manage and express their emotions.

College Adjustment
I work with college students who require a little more support adjusting to the overwhelming demands of college life.  Less structure, less accountability, and less authority oversight can sometimes lead to more anxiety, more procrastination, and more isolation. I utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills to keep budding adults on track so they feel empowered, successful, and focused on their goals and academics.

Anxiety and panic attacks can feel overwhelming and intense for many people. Whether it is social anxiety, general anxiety, OCD, or panic, we can work together so you feel calm, safe, and in-control of your emotions. I utilize Exposure Response Prevention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to reduce anxious thoughts and behaviors to a manageable level so you can live your best life.

Hey! I’m Dr. Beatriz Mann!  I’m a licensed psychologist, but I’m also an personal identity developerbalance expert, and mindfulness coach. I assist teens, college students, and adults who have had a difficult time figuring out who they are, as well as those who feel pulled in a bunch of different directions find inner peace and calmness through mindfulness and self-exploration.

Personal Identity
Figuring out who we are can often be a difficult thing. Perhaps your role has changed from student to professional, or from full-time employee to full-time mom, or from follower to leader. We can sometimes have difficulty adjusting to these new roles, and instead of struggling with an identity crisis or impostor syndrome, I can teach you to feel competent, strong, and empowered in whatever role you fill.

I help adults find balance and peace in their hectic lives. Working moms, single moms, busy professionals – I’m talking to you! There is more to life than working, taking care of other people, and sleeping – or not sleeping at all. Realize your passions again, and put your needs on the map.  Only by taking care of yourself can you truly take care of everything else in your life.

Mindfulness is a remarkable tool and skill that has been effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. By practicing mindfulness, you can begin to shift your thoughts, form new perspectives, stop questioning yourself, become less critical of yourself and others, and find inner peace within yourself and relationships.

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