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Samantha Turetsky, Psy.D.

Hey! I’m Dr. Samantha Turetsky! I’m a CBT specialistanxiety expert, and relationship therapist. I specialize in helping clients of all ages experience their emotions in a more adaptive way, cope with distressing events more effectively, and improve communication within their friendships and relationships.

CBT Specialist
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of evidence-based treatment for a variety of mental health conditions including anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression, school refusal, and social anxiety. I help my clients understand the link between their thoughts and behaviors, teach important skills to help improve emotional coping, and begin to shift how they think and feel so they can be happy, well adjusted, and successful.

Anxiety Expert
I work clients of all ages struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and perfectionism. I assist clients in feeling less overwhelmed, get better sleep, and decrease anxiety symptoms across school, work, or within relationships. I also have a sub-specialty of working with social anxiety who struggle with feeling comfortable and connecting with others.

Relationship Therapist
As a relationship therapist, we will work together to improve your communication, develop healthy boundaries, and implement new ways of connecting to others so you feel less lonely or isolated from your partner, spouse, or peer group. I look at relationships as an avenue to connect with others – these skills can be taught and practiced in individual or couples counseling sessions.

Hey! I’m Dr. Samantha Turetsky! I’m an academic success specialist, relationship counselor, and coping skills coach. I assist children, teens, college students, and adults who feel overwhelmed and unsure of themselves feel more confident, assertive, and passionate about life!

Academic Success Specialist
I work with students to find solutions to common academic difficulties including problems with organization, social skills, test anxiety, attention problems, and feeling overwhelmed academically. I also help high school seniors navigate their senior year with calmness and ease – because we all know how competitive it is out there with AP classes, extracurriculars, and service hours.

Relationship Counselor
Feel like you and your spouse are struggling with communication, connection, or parenting effectively? I work with parents who need additional support or could benefit from skills and feedback to make their home more peaceful and calm.

Coping Skills Coach
I teach clients of all ages how to cope with their emotions. I start from where you’re at, and build from the foundation you have in place. If your current coping skills are low, then we will begin with the basics. You will be able to go from overwhelmed or burned out to happy and empowered.

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