Teen Counseling

Set your teen up for success in school, with friends, and in college, with the skills, they need to be happy, healthy, and successful!

Why Choose Us

Finding an amazing teen counselor is tough! Teens want to feel heard and understood. They want their therapist to know what it’s like to be a teen, empathize with them and be their biggest advocate. We have a fun, inviting, and trendy office space set up for teens to explore new skills, develop an understanding of who they are, and form passions and achieve goals in a safe and highly effective environment.

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We specialize in helping teens:

  • Make better decisions for themselves
  • Choose healthy friends who lift them up
  • Feel more confident in who they are
  • Engage in less self-destructive behavior
  • Communicate better with parents
  • Learn how to eat and exercise in healthy ways
  • Be more successful in academics
  • Worry less and enjoy life more
  • Overcome difficult life circumstances
  • Balance electronics and social media
Coping Skills

We will teach your teen how to cope effectively with anything life throws at them


When teens feel better about themselves they make better choices

Social Skills

Making friends is hard – let us help your teen find their tribe

School Success

Organization, attention, and work ethic – yeah, we got this

Got a teen that hates therapy but needs it? Yep, we’re your team. We’ve got your back,
and know how to get even the shyest, stubborn, or out of control teens to open up and let us in!

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