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Work with a Child and Teen Therapist in St. Petersburg, FL

Is your middle school or high school child struggling with handling overwhelming emotions, making friends, keeping their grades up, or staying organized? Take the first step in helping them feel better today!

Dr. Hannah Gilfix with Integrated Care Clinic.

Dr. Hannah Gilfix

Licensed Psychologist

Are you ready to help your child or teenager address their social, emotional, or behavioral concerns today? I work with children and teens to learn coping skills and evidence-based strategies that can improve their well-being.

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Therapy for Middle School Students

Is your child or preteen having a difficult time fitting in or succeeding at school? I can work with your child to learn ways to make friends or handle friendship troubles, be less stressed, and ultimately succeed in middle school.

Therapy For High School Students

Is your teenager feeling overwhelmed in high school? I can work with your teenager to feel more confident in managing school stress, decrease anxiety or depression, and develop coping skills needed to succeed in school.

Therapy for High Achieving AP/IB Students

Is your AP or IB student having trouble managing the stress of being in college-level classes? I will help your high achieving student learn effective coping strategies to manage the elevated stress that often comes with being in these programs in order to achieve success.

College Readiness

Do you want your teenager to gain more skills to handle the transition to college more smoothly? I equip juniors and seniors in high school with coping skills that will help them thrive in college.

I love working with clients who:

  • Want to decrease overwhelming emotions of stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Need a therapist with specialized experience working with children and teenagers
  • Want to make new friends and be more social
  • Want to decrease feelings of loneliness
  • Want to be able to better handle the stress of AP and IB classes
  • Want to feel more confident in school
  • Want to decrease school related stress
  • Want to learn coping strategies to manage the college transition
  • Want to be more organized
  • Want to be happier
Learn Coping Skills

Learn coping skills to succeed at home and school

Manage Difficult Emotions

Learn to handle anxiety, stress, or depression

Increase feelings of connectedness

Decrease loneliness at school and learn how to make new friends

Increase Confidence

Learn skills to feel more confident in who you are

Take the first step in helping your child, preteen, or teenager today!

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