Adult Counseling

When you invest in yourself and own mental health & personal growth great things happen.

Why Choose Us

Integrated Care Clinic is comprised of an amazing team of highly trained and specialized clinicians. We each have our own specialty, making your experience truly individualized.

We provide comprehensive mental health treatment to those struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, or a history of trauma. We also support those on a personal growth journey develop a positive body image, have a sustainable work-life balance, enjoy healthy relationships, and feel secure in who they are and their personal identity.

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We specialize in helping adults:

  • Navigate life more effectively and effortlessly
  • Develop a balanced relationship with food
  • Learn and utilize effective and adaptive coping skills
  • Communicate with assertiveness and strength
  • Become more self-assured and self-confident
  • Worry and panic less and enjoy life more
  • Overcome difficult or traumatic situations
  • Find their social tribe and feel less lonely
  • Be more successfully personally and professionally
Young Adults

20-somethings struggling with adulting – yep we’ve got ya covered


Reality check: no one has it all together. We help with getting closer


Overachiever, perfectionist, stressed? Find balance before burnout


You’ve got this, sometimes you just need some support

Your ability to create positive change in your life through
therapy, self-exploration, and personal growth is possible.

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