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Group Therapy

Set yourself up for success by joining a group or workshop to learn new skills, cope more effectively, or get feedback from others who understand what its like to be in your shoes.

Why Choose Us

Living your best life doesn’t have to be done alone. Joining a group or attending a workshop can provide you with the information to improve your relationships, cultivate new friendships, and become more of who you want to be. Our groups are led by expert psychologists and dietitians who will provide you accurate and effective information to help you be your best.

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Our groups, classes & workshops help you:

  • Develop a balanced relationship
  • Feel more confident in yourself and around others
  • Find happiness, joy, and energy for life
  • Overcome traumatic life experiences
  • Cultivate healthier relationships with family and friends
  • Learn to embrace and love your body
  • Be more balanced and mindful about the important things
  • Cope with the ups and downs of life effectively
  • Communicate openly with the people you love
  • Successfully manage your stress and health
  • Achieve the goals you create for yourself

Current Groups & Classes

Eating Disorder Support Groups

Free support groups for those affected by eating disorders

Various Times

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RO-DBT Classes

A brand new treatment for those of us with too much self-control.

Tuesdays, 6pm – 7:30pm

Learn More

Groups and workshops are a cost-effective alternative to individual counseling


Our groups are specialized to help you or your loved one feel better faster


Go from hopeless & struggling to confident & successful with our groups and workshops


Our groups and workshops are facilitated by licensed psychologists and registered dietitians

New groups and workshops coming soon!
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