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We provide high quality mental

health & personal growth

counseling to clients of all ages.

What is Integrated Care Clinic

Integrated Care Clinic is an outpatient behavioral health practice in downtown St. Pete that employs multiple psychologists and a registered dietitian nutritionist to provide high quality, confidential, and effective mental health and personal growth counseling to individuals, couples and families.

Why We’re Different

We believe in promoting integrated well-being by focusing on both mental health and personal growth. We take a proactive and preventative approach to behavioral health so you can feel better and be better.

Mental Health

Personal Growth

Who We Are

We are a team of specialized and licensed behavioral health and wellness professionals that provide mental health and personal growth counseling for individuals, couples, and families.

We currently employ psychologists and dietitians who provide high-quality, effective, and supportive counseling to assist our clients in improving their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Values at Integrated Care Clinic

Only The Best

We believe in having the best clinical staff in Tampa Bay. We are successful with our clients in part due to our team’s commitment to their professional specializations, level of education, and advanced training in the most effective and evidence-based treatment approaches available.

Authentic Support

We value a safe space for our clients to feel supported. We entered into this profession to serve others and our community, and one of the ways we do that is by providing an atmosphere of acceptance, genuineness, warmth, and authenticity to make counseling as comfortable as possible.

Stay Relevant

We are committed to results which is why our clinical staff remains current with research, professional development, and a variety of treatment approaches. We value providing high quality, relevant, and effective care in a beautiful, modern, and trendy environment.

Team Approach

We build lasting relationships with our colleagues and clients because we value providing collaborative, supportive, and integrated care. When we work together as a team, our clients and staff reap the benefits of our trust, shared knowledge, and confidence in one another.

You Come First

We put our client’s needs above all else because we’re committed to spending our time providing high quality care in the most dedicated, individualized, and tailored way possible. It is our mission to provide the kind of care our clients need, rather than that which is dictated by an insurance provider.

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