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I’m ready to figure out who I am.

Feel like you’ve lost yourself?

We support adults who feel lost or unsure of themselves regain their sense of self and form a solid foundation of their values and beliefs.


77% of people regularly experience the physical symptoms caused by stress


Up to 85% of Americans want to improve their self-esteem


Only 14 percent of U.S. workers believe they have the perfect job

Put an end to…

Feeling like you don’t belong.

Imposter syndrome.

Insecurity about who you are.

Begin to…

Embrace who you are.

Feel more confident.

Have higher self-esteem.

We help our clients: 

  • Feel confident in who they are
  • Individuate from others in a healthy way
  • Find their voice and be more assertive
  • Commit to goals that are consistent with their future
  • Identify and determine their values
  • Explore who they are in greater depth
  • Develop a strong sense or self
  • Examine and evaluate their professional identity
  • Feel comfortable in their cultural, religious, gender, or sexual identity

We specialize in working with people who:

  • Are going through a major transition
  • Feel unsure of themselves
  • Have had difficulty separating or moving on from a relationship
  • Want to explore their past
  • Want help adjusting to a new role in life
  • Have always done what others have told them to do
  • Frequently question their direction or choices
  • Want to improve their quality of life
  • Are seeking feedback from a licensed professional
  • Have left a group or religion
identity development

We will work with you to help you feel confident in who you are and what you have the ability to do.

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