Dr. Samantha Winton

Licensed Psychologist
Owner & Clinical Director

Samantha Winton, Ph.D., CEDS

Hey! I’m Dr. Samantha Winton!  I’m a licensed psychologist, but you could also call me an eating disorder expertbody image specialist, and a food anxiety expert. I specialize in empowering teens and adults with body image and disordered eating issues to shift away from self-criticism and learn to embrace themselves and their body.

Eating Disorders
I help teens and adults with disordered eating patterns or eating disorders, specifically those who’s behaviors have impacted their school or work, health, or relationships. As a psychologist trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Based Treatment (Maudsley), I help others discontinue hurtful or painful patterns associated with eating disorders so they can feel comfortable and confident in their body.

Body Dysmorphia
I work with teens and adults with a distorted body image or body dysmorphia discover and understand why and how they view themselves in this highly critical way. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Interpersonal Psychotherapy techniques to reframe unhelpful or unsupported beliefs and challenge them by examining how one relates to themselves or others. 

Food Anxiety
Developing a normal, balanced, and healthy relationship with food is hard. Familial, social, and cultural pressures keep us feeling overwhelmed, out of control, or restrictive. I utilize Exposure Response Prevention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help you feel safe and comfortable around food and food-related events.

Hey! I’m Dr. Samantha Winton!  I’m a licensed psychologist, but you could also call me a body positivity expert, an intuitive and mindful eating specialist, and perfectionism helper. I assist adults wanting to explore body positivity as an alternative to ineffective diets and weight management, individuals looking to discontinue stress eating and explore ways to improve their experience with food, as well as those who classify themselves as perfectionists find more fulfillment in their lives

Body Image
Developing a positive body image takes effort, I know! Working together, you will be able to shift your negative or critical views of yourself and your “imperfect body” and begin to embrace body positivity and the freedom that comes with not giving a shit about what other people think. Time to put yourself first, begin to love yourself exactly how you are, and be open to the new perspective you have when you let go of criticism.

Intuitive & Mindful Eating
Listening to your body, sensing when you’re full or hungry, and developing the self control to make decisions based on nutritional needs instead of impulse, stress, or cravings is what intuitive and mindful eating is all about. The goal is to provide you with the insights and tools you need to shift your relationship with food so you feel whole, in control, and empowered. 

Being a perfectionist is exhausting! Never letting the ball drop, taking forever to get things done, feeling like you care way more than others about important matters. It leaves you feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. I can help you learn new strategies to be efficient, accurate, and in control while having more free time, less worry, and the ability to relax.

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