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Work with a Couples Counseling Therapist in St. Petersburg, FL

Struggling with your relationship with your partner? Feeling a lack of connection or always arguing? Ready to take the first steps towards improving your relationship?

Dr. Hannah Gilfix with Integrated Care Clinic.

Dr. Hannah Gilfix

Licensed Psychologist

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? I use the Gottman Method, an evidence-based therapy approach, to work with couples who want to learn how to strengthen the friendship in their relationship, manage conflict, and feel more connected with each other.

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Rebuild the Friendship and Intimacy of Your Relationship

Do you feel as though you don’t know your partner anymore? Do you feel emotionally disengaged from each other? I will work with you and your partner to change the way you think about each other, increase fondness and admiration, and be able to appreciate each other’s inner world again.

Learn Skills to Manage Conflict

Do you feel like you are always having the same arguments over and over again and that nothing ever changes? Do you feel unheard or misunderstood? I will provide you and your partner with skills to manage perpetual conflict, be able to de-escalate and provide repairs to each other, and be able to have conversations that lead to more satisfying outcomes.

Build Meaning Together

Do you find that you are barely spending any positive time with your partner? Do you feel like you struggle to feel meaningfully connected with your partner? I will work with you and your partner to learn how to prioritize and increase emotional connection with each other.

I love working with couples who:

  • Want to improve their relationship
  • Need a therapist with specialized experience in the Gottman Method
  • Want to decrease conflict
  • Want to create formal and informal rituals of connection with each other
  • Want to find a shared purpose in building a life together
  • Want to learn how to use de-escalation skills in a conversation
  • Want to learn how to enjoy and appreciate their partner’s hopes, values, and dreams
Learn Ways to Manage Conflict

Learn conflict management and communication skills

Manage Difficult Emotions

Learn to handle overwhelming emotions that can come up during conversations

Increase Connectedness

Increase feelings of connectedness to your partner

Increase Shared Meaning

Learn ways to increase shared meaning with each other.

Take the first step in building your relationship today!

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