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Work with an Eating Disorder Therapist Online

Struggling with your relationship with food or body image? Restricting, overeating, binging, or purging? Ready to take the first steps towards recovery?

Dr. Kirsten Vadelund

Dr. Kirsten Vadelund

Licensed Psychologist

Are you ready to address your eating disorder, negative body image, or relationship with food head-on? I love to work with clients that want to feel better and learn to fuel their body in a way that improves their wellbeing. Begin to feel comfortable and safe in your body, gain the skills necessary to enjoy food, and learn to manage urges and impulses.

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Eating Disorder Therapy

Integrated Care Clinic is a mental health and personal growth practice in downtown, St. Pete. We provide high quality specialized eating disorder therapy and dietitian services to our clients.

Do You Struggle with Negative Body Image?

I can help you improve your body image through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies, Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), and relational therapy. You can learn to be comfortable in your body without the use of eating disorder behaviors.

Do You Want to Recover?

Recovering from an eating disorder is hard work! I am dedicated to helping my clients recover and feel the freedom that recovery provides. I love working with highly motivated individuals and families that are ready to do what it takes to beat this disease!

I love working with clients who:

  • Want to recover from their eating disorder
  • Need a therapist with eating disorder experience
  • Want to improve body image
  • Want to eat normally
  • Want to stop restricting or purging
  • Want to meet friends and socialize
  • Want to feel comfortable eating all foods
  • Want to learn how to eat intuitively
  • Want to be happier and healthier
Eating Disorders

Improve your relationship with food and your body

Intuitive Eating

Learn how to listen to what your body is asking for

Improve Body Image

Learn to appreciate and love your body

Reconnect with Your Emotions

Learn to feel rather than numb

Go from eating disorder behaviors to eating disorder recovery!

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