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Couples Counseling

Relationships are a two-way street – we help direct the traffic.

Why Choose Us

Integrated Care Clinic is invested in helping you and your partner reach your goals. Life has its challenges and we often could use more support. What would you like to accomplish within your relationship? How would you like to grow through intimacy, connection, or spirituality?

We assist clients in learning essential communication skills, assertiveness skills, and boundary setting to help relationships heal and flourish.

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We specialize in helping couples:

  • Feel more emotionally connected to one another
  • Develop healthy ways of communicating
  • Overcome painful experiences and events
  • Empower their partner to succeed
  • Prepare for marriage and their future
  • Adjust to change in an adaptive way
  • Prepare for a new addition to the family
  • Cope with major illnesses or loss

Improve your communication, connection, and commitment

Parent – Adult Child

Strained relationship? Quick approaches to help you reconnect


We are open to supporting all relationships, love is love is love


Congratulations! Lets start this journey off right!

We provide comprehensive couples counseling, relationship
counseling, and assistance with strained relationships.

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