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I Learned it from TikTok!- What to Do with Viral Mental Health Tips
Adult Counseling

I Learned it from TikTok! What to Do with Viral Mental Health Tips

When it comes to mental health, the Internet is filled with good intentions- but not always good advice. Whether you prefer Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, there is no lack of…
Dr. Waite
Dr. Grace Waite

Get to Know Dr. Grace Waite, Postdoctoral Fellow

What is your role at Integrated Care Clinic? I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Integrated Care Clinic which means that I graduated with my doctoral degree, and I have…
Woman sitting at coffee table sad experiencing emotions
Dr. Kirsten Vadelund

Why We Need ALL of Our Emotions

Why We Need ALL of Our Emotions: The Good, Bad, Ugly and Why Emotion Regulation Helps Have you ever been told (or told yourself) to “suck it up” or “calm…