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Dr Rebecca Crecraft sitting on couch drinking coffee
Adult Counseling

Getting to Know Dr. Rebecca Crecraft

What is your role at Integrated Care Clinic? Hi I’m Dr. Crecraft, a postdoctoral fellow.  My passion for working with clients who have experienced trauma, re-develop a sense of safety…
Dr. Samantha Winton

Get Up Close and Personal: An Interview With Dr. Samantha Winton!

What is your role at Integrated Care Clinic? Hi! I’m Dr. Samantha Winton and I am a licensed clinical psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist. I provide individual and family…
Dr. Beatriz Mann sitting in chair drinking coffee
Dr. Beatriz Mann

12 Questions to Get to Know Dr. Beatriz Mann, PhD.

Part of the nature of therapy is that you share a lot about yourself with your therapist, but you really may not know very much about your therapist as a…